Monday, August 3, 2009

Arrests in Iran

"Iranian state TV on Saturday confirmed the arrests of three Americans who crossed into Iran from northern Iraq. Several news reports described the three Americans as tourists who mistakenly ended up in Iran while hiking in a mountainous area near the border with the Iraqi Kurdistan region. Their identities haven't been released. The scenic area, near the town of Ahmed Awaa, is popular as a hiking and tourism destination."

"More than 100 leading opposition activists stood trial in Iran on Saturday, the first since the government's crackdown in the violent aftermath of June's disputed presidential election, according to Iranian state media. The charges against the defendants -- among them former senior members of government and veteran lawmakers -- include participating in riots, acting against national security, disturbing public order, attacking government and public property, and associating with armed opposition groups, according to Iran's semi-official news services."

Remember when Obama touted the benefits of engagement with Iran without preconditions?

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