Sunday, August 16, 2009

Losing hearts and minds

"Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Saturday downplayed being questioned at a U.S. airport, saying it was part of a necessary but unfortunate procedure. Khan, one of the Indian film industry's biggest stars, is in the U.S. to promote his new film, "My Name is Khan," which is about racial profiling. He . . . was detained because his name came up on a computer alert list at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. . . . "I told them I am a movie star," Press Trust quoted Khan as saying. The reported detention made top news on TV stations in India."

India is a fully functioning western style democracy with a Hindu majority.

The Indian people are our allies in the fight against radical fundamentalist terrorists.

Need proof of Mr. Khan's support for America?

"Kahn told reporters in suburban Chicago on Saturday that he did not want an apology from the U.S. government. Asked about what happened, he simply said: "I think it's a procedure that needs to be followed, but an unfortunate procedure." Kahn made his comments after appearing at an Indian festival in Rosemont and did not mention the incident in his remarks to the crowd."

Someone needs to educate the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection about how you treat our friends, and how you tell friends from enemies. Evidently, certain employees think anyone with black hair and brown skin is an enemy. They're wrong.

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