Monday, August 10, 2009

Our new concern is unemployment . . . in Afghanistan

"The top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan says many Taliban insurgents, particularly in the violence-plagued south, could be persuaded to stop fighting if they could find jobs in a stabilized country. In an interview with USA TODAY, Gen. Stanley McChrystal said his No. 1 unmet need is to have functioning local governments in Afghanistan and officials who can provide basic services. Many of the Taliban fight because they are paid to do so, McChrystal said, and they are the ones who might be persuaded to stop. "What we see are indications that mid- and low-level commanders and fighters have a tremendous interest in trying to reintegrate into Afghan society, working with the government of Afghanistan so that they can go back to normal lives," McChrystal said in a phone interview from Kabul."

This is insane. Deal with America's unemployed and record deficits, then worry about Afghanistan's social problems.

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