Thursday, August 6, 2009

The health care fight as of today

There is no Obama plan - - it's all concepts and parameters, "so Congress can fill in the details".

Obama never articulated a health care plan before the election, only broad outlines and pie in the sky contradictory promises (chief among them was "save everyone $2500" and "no mandates").

Without discipline in Congress, rogue members are slipping into the debate various provisions such as "end of life counseling" and abortion rights (both of which I personally support, but both of which are wedges to pry away broader support) and genuinely bad ideas such as taxing employer paid benefits and cutting Medicare and Medicaid (which are as bad when threatened by Democrats as when threatened by Republicans).

This is nibbling away support, a few percent at a time, from the overall concept of health care reform (and all we've ever heard from Obama is an overall concept).

Now, Democrats are reduced to whining over mean people yelling at meetings, and complaining about corporate money being funnelled into community organizing in opposition to any health care bill (an ironic complaint from community organizer Obama and corporate astro-turfer Axelrod).

It becomes clearer each day that Obama just wants Congress to pass any piece of paper entitled "health care reform", so he can sign it and declare victory.

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