Friday, July 24, 2009

Why are we involved in this?

"Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya made his way toward the Honduran border on Thursday, bracing for a showdown that could lead to the presidency, prison -- or worse. Speaking to reporters in Managua, Zelaya said he would cross into Honduras either Friday or Saturday with the hope of ending the nearly month-old political dispute that has divided his nation and rattled the region. . . . Acknowledging that the encounter could lead to violence, Zelaya called on the army to not ``stain itself with blood, much less the blood of the president of the republic.'' . . . Zelaya won fans among the poor by raising the minimum wage and subsidizing gas for cabdrivers, among other measures. . . . His populist leanings also brought him close to President Hugo Chávez, and in 2008 Honduras joined the ALBA trade bloc, which is headed by Venezuela and includes leftist nations Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia."

The Obama government is actively backing Zelaya (alongside Chavez, the Sandinistas and the Castro brothers). Why is Obama encouraging irresponsibility and bloodshed on behalf of a leftist strong man?

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