Saturday, July 4, 2009

120,000+ U.S. troops in Iraq

As you celebrate the Fourth, remember, there are still 120,000+ U.S. troops in Iraq.

Obama's "troop withdrawal" has so far been a sham - - our troops have simply been redeployed to less populous areas of Iraq.

"American commanders and Iraqi officials and residents are watching with growing unease as U.S. combat forces end their duty in Iraq's urban areas this week, amid almost daily reports of violence. U.S. officials worry that as they continue to battle the remnants of an insurgency and efforts to reignite sectarian strife, they will be losing critical, on-the-ground intelligence gleaned from the neighborhoods they once lived in and patrolled. . . . Tuesday is the deadline for American combat troops to withdraw from cities and move to bases outside population centers. The date was established in a security pact approved last year . . . "

This is the Bush / Cheney plan, negotiated before the election, not the withdrawal promised by "anti war" candidate Obama.

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