Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where were the "fiscal conservatives"?

"On the home front, property-tax rates are poised to increase for many homeowners still recovering from the economic storm. So, too, are water fees and trash-pickup costs. In the community, some libraries and parks are closing an extra day, pool hours are likely to be reduced and bus service curtailed. Even senior meals on wheels won't be as plentiful. At school, there will be fewer assistant principals in offices and teachers in classrooms. Students will find fewer guidance counselors to turn to. As local governments throughout South Florida face the painful reality of fallen property values, residents will unmistakably feel the pinch. ``You are going to see library hours cut; you are going to see park hours cut,'' said Gary Resnick, president of the Broward League of Cities and mayor of Wilton Manors, which now closes city hall on Fridays to save money. ``The cuts are not going to be invisible.'' The sunken property values opened budget holes that practically every city, county, school and hospital district in Miami-Dade and Broward counties must fill. Simply, less money is coming in to public coffers . . . "

This is a south Florida story, but it is being repeated nationwide.

The early Bush years were a time of great economic prosperity.

A time of great economic prosperity when our leaders were all self described "fiscal conservatives".

You would have thought "fiscal conservatives" would have been putting aside some money for a rainy day.

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