Thursday, July 9, 2009

Early term abortion

"Roughly a fourth of American women getting early abortions last year did so with drugs rather than surgery, statistics show, as a new study reported improved safety in using the so-called ``abortion pill.'' Some experts predict the percentage of such ''medical abortions,'' which offer more privacy than surgical termination at an abortion clinic or hospital, will rise even more . . . The research . . . shows that a new way of giving pills to induce abortion virtually eliminated the risk for a rare but dangerous infection. . . . .The procedure, which works during the first nine weeks of pregnancy, involves swallowing Mifeprex, known chemically as mifepristone, at a doctor's office. Originally known as RU-486, the pill causes an embryo to detach from the uterine wall. A second pill, misoprostol, is used 24 to 48 hours later to cause contractions and push the embryo out of the uterus. These drugs are different from Plan B, which is taken within a couple days of contraceptive failure or unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy from occurring."

The abortion disputes are primarily over "casual", late term and under age abortion, and abortion clinics "in my backyard". But, the general public overwhelmingly tolerates, if not supports, access to early term abortion.

Anti abortion and pro choice radicals will never be satisfied. Nonetheless, this technology could eventually resolve most abortion related issues to the satisfaction of most people.

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