Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our reaction could not have been weaker . .

"Taunting the United States on its birthday, North Korea fired seven missiles into the Sea of Japan early Saturday in a provocative move that some experts said might have been intended to discourage deployment of new missile defenses against the communist state. . . . In Washington, the Obama administration reacted with dismay to the latest in a series of North Korean provocations that included an underground nuclear test on Memorial Day. ''This type of North Korean behavior is not helpful,'' said State Department spokesman Karl Duckworth. ``What North Korea needs to do is fulfill its international obligations and commitments.''

"Not helpful" is what you call evidence of fraud in another nation's local elections, or a country's violation of trade sanction against a third party. "Not helpful" is not what you call the testing of missiles capable of hitting Hawaii.

That's called an act of war.

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