Friday, July 10, 2009

New military orders in Afghanistan still make no sense

"U.S. Marines trapped Taliban fighters in a residential compound and persuaded the insurgents to allow women and children to leave. The troops then moved in -- only to discover that the militants had slipped out, dressed in women's burqa robes. The fighters, who might owe their lives to the new U.S. commander's emphasis on limiting civilian casualties, were among hundreds of militants who have fled the offensive the Marines launched last week in southern Helmand province. Marine officers say keeping the Taliban from returning so the Afghan government can establish a presence will be a bigger challenge."

Of course, out of "respect for the local culture", the commander wouldn't let the troops ask anyone to drop their veil, simply to prove they were beardless.

I assume these Taliban fighters will not change their ways. They escaped certain death and / or capture, and will now fight (and kill Americans) another day.

It is unfair and unacceptable for the military leadership to force our soldiers to fight under these unworkable rules of engagement.

This brings to mind a scene from "Nuns on the Run" or "Some Like It Hot" or any old Mel Brooks movie, in which guys escape by putting on a dress. It would be laughable, if it wasn't going to result in so many unnecessary and unavoidable American casualties.

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