Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another smooth move

"Vice President Joe Biden's surprise two-day visit this weekend to Iraq was meant to ''re-establish contact'' with leaders here, but some Iraqis bristled at the messenger more than the message. Biden is well known in Iraq for his earlier support of a plan to give three-way autonomy to each major ethnic group here -- Sunni Arab, Shiite Arab and Kurd -- under a central government. Protesters burned an American flag in Sadr City, a crowded Baghdad slum, and chanted, ''No, no for occupation! No, no for America!'' One of them, Mohammed Kathem, 40, an administrator, said many of the protesters hit the streets after an imam encouraged them to do so at Friday prayers. ''Biden's visit sent the signal to us that Iraq will be divided,'' he said. ``Biden's background doesn't allow him to play any role in reconciliation.''

The two least popular Americans among Iraqis are George W. Bush and Joe Biden.

Sending Biden to Iraq is simply stupid.

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