Friday, July 24, 2009

Cop acted stupidly?

"President Barack Obama is standing by his assertion that police did not need to arrest a Harvard scholar who was trying to get into his own home. Obama said in an interview with ABC that he has "extraordinary respect" for the challenges and hardships that law enforcement officers face every day in their line of work. But at the same time he said he didn't think it was necessary to arrest Henry Louis Gates Jr. Obama said "cooler heads should have prevailed" in the incident. But he did not retract his initial statement that he thought police had "acted stupidly" . . .

So, if you're a friend and supporter of the president, no investigation or facts are required. Automatically, at a press conference before the eyes of the entire world, the president, as judge and jury, will declare that his friend is innocent, that his friend did nothing wrong, and that the cops are stupid.

Imagine the damage to this cop's life after the president of the United States declared him a stupid racist before a worldwide audience.

I don't think it was the cop who acted stupidly. The cop was simply doing his job. Maybe the president should stick to doing his.

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