Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama's popularity falling 2% per month

"Yesterday, I noted a Quinnipiac poll in the political bellwether state of Ohio showing Obama's approval rating dropping to 49 percent, and today Rasmussen finds that he received his lowest rating ever in the firm's "Presidential Approval Index." While Rasmussen has been criticized by some for releasing polls that tend to skew Republican, Obama's approval rating has dropped to 56 percent in the latest Gallup daily tracking poll, also a new low. At the same time, his Gallup disapproval rating has climbed to 36 percent, it's highest ever. While, taken individually, each of these polling results could be seen as a blip, taken together, they indicate public perception of Obama is slipping . . ."

It's simple math. Multi trillion dollar deficits + 10% unemployment = growing unpopularity

Additionally, as Obama actually makes decisions and hard choices, he disappoints that part of his electoral base who voted for Obama because it was cool, but didn't know where Obama stood on the issues, and in fact disagree with Obama on various issues.

As predicted, once he goes beyond calls for "hope" and "change" and gets down to specifics, Obama starts turning people off.

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