Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another costly Obama mistake

The US has given written assurance to Israel that it won’t be pressured to impose any additional settlement freezes after it accepts a limited 90 day construction moratorium aimed at reviving Mideast peace talks, a top Israeli official said yesterday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from meetings with US officials last week with an American incentive package designed to revive Israel-Palestinian peace talks.

The Palestinians left the talks soon after they begun after a dispute over Israeli construction in the West Bank, which Palestinians claim as part of their future state. The US proposal would mean Israel would cease settlement building for 90 days in return for US pledges to veto anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations and a fleet of next-generation stealth fighter planes.

Negotiations are now back where they started before Obama unilaterally introduced the issue of a settlement freeze almost two years ago. And, it cost America a few more billion in military aid to cover up Obama's mistake. Heckuva job.

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