Friday, November 26, 2010

Leniency for Rangel?

Supporters of Rep. Charles Rangel said Sunday that the Democratic lawmaker has been punished enough by the House ethics committee's two-year investigation and should not by censured by the full Congress.

"Charlie Rangel is a giant," said former Mayor David Dinkins. "He's a man who has served not only the 15th Congressional District but this city. He's served this nation. .... There's nothing to be gained by seeking to further humiliate this great man."

The House ethics committee voted 9-1 on Thursday to recommend censure for Rangel after the same panel convicted him of 11 violations, including failure to pay taxes on rental income from a villa in the Dominican Republic. Censure is the most serious congressional discipline short of expulsion.

The full House is expected to vote after the Thanksgiving break.

State Assemblyman Keith Wright said Congress should vote "no."

"I will be making phone calls," Wright said. "All of us will be making phone calls. And we will urge all congresspeople throughout this nation to vote no on this process."

The House Democrats should let Rangel off . . . if they want to lose another 60 seats next election.

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