Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The choice for travel safety

On average, I fly commercial at least once per week for business, and once per month for pleasure.

I really don't want to die because a terrorist blew up my Southwest flight to Tampa (to meet his mentor at USF).

The choice is:

(1) full on profiling with limited, selective and random screenings, pat downs and junk inspection; or,

(2) no profiling and full on screenings or pat downs and junk inspection of all.

Those are really the only choices.

And, if we as a society are too politically correct or too sensitive to the feelings of others to say "males under 40 who are from or visited these 12 countries" must be aggressively screened, then it's naked posing and junk inspection for all.

P.S. - At the risk of further insensitivity, I have a feeling that many of the objections to the new scan technology arise from the false modesty and/or body image issues of the protesters. I doubt if many Brad or Angelina doppelgängers are protesting being scanned. I don't want a bomb on my plane because anyone is too embarrassed to be seen undressed by a stranger in a remote location or touched in an intimate area by a TSA agent.

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