Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too litttle, too late

The Obama administration and Congressional Democrats are struggling for a strategy to deal with the soon-to-expire Bush-era tax cuts, each side uncertain whether the other is up for a fight with Republicans in the wake of the Democrats’ election trouncing — or whether they could win, in any event.

That has both parties betting that the most likely outcomes could be either a truce that extends the tax cuts for all income levels for perhaps a year past their scheduled Dec. 31 expiration, or a stalemate that lets them expire temporarily, in either case delaying the battle until 2011.


Everyone knows there will eventually be a compromise, probably a one to three year "temporary" extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Of course, had Obama accepted this compromise back in September or October, many swing district Democrats who lost their seats by less than one or two percent might have won.

Obama's constant dithering and delay on issue after issue is undoing 20 years of party building efforts by grass roots Democratic activists. In exchange for huge declines in Democratic strength among women, Jews, Latinos and LGBT voters since 2008, all Obama has brought to the table is an increase in African American voter turnout.

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