Thursday, November 25, 2010

Are we still Islamophobes?

A Christian woman who was sentenced to death by a municipal court for blasphemy against Islam could be pardoned in the next few days by the president, a senior government official said Monday.

Asia Bibi, 45, an agricultural worker and mother of five, is the first woman to be sentenced to death for blasphemy, according to human rights groups.

The governor of Punjab province, Salmaan Taseer, where Bibi has been held in jail for more than a year, said he had forwarded a petition presenting the facts of the case to President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday.

Taseer, a political ally of Zardari, said, "I hope the president will pardon Asia in a day or two."

We are sending our children off to fight in support of a government which sentences Christians to death for "blasphemy against Islam".

But, according to our own government and our own media, if we say, "no mosque at Ground Zero", we're vicious bigots and Islamophobes.

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