Friday, November 12, 2010

Excusing Pakistan based terrorism

President Barack Obama on Sunday defended the U.S. alliance with India's bitter rival Pakistan, but acknowledged that Pakistan's progress in rooting out terrorists "is not as quick as we'd like."

. . . On Saturday, Obama was widely criticized here for commemorating the 2008 Mumbai attacks without mentioning Pakistan's role. The plot was hatched there.

. . . Obama said Pakistan is strategically important to the United States, but that extremism there is "a cancer . . . that can potentially engulf the country.

"I think the Pakistani government understands now the potential threat that exists within their own borders," he said, but added: "Progress is not as quick as we'd like."

You have to wonder why he makes excuses for Pakistan's tolerance of terrorism while slamming Israel for allowing the construction of settler housing.

Israel's construction of apartments seems to be more offensive to Obama than Pakistan's implicit support for violent jihad.

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