Thursday, November 11, 2010

Liar backpedals on deadlines for withdrawal from Afghanistan

Actually, the headline was "US starts to backpedal on deadlines for withdrawal from Afghanistan".

The Obama administration has decided to begin publicly walking away from what it once touted as key deadlines in the war in Afghanistan in an effort to remove emphasis from Barack Obama's pledge that he would begin withdrawing US forces in July 2011.

Administration and military officials say the new policy will be on display next week at a NATO conference in Lisbon, where the administration hopes to introduce a timetable that calls for the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan by 2014. This is when the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, said Afghan troops could take over security, three senior officials said.

Notice how they waited until after the election to announce that the guarantee of post surge withdrawal was a lie.

It's impossible to quantify the extent to which a pre election announcement of this flip flop would have further depressed turnout of the anti war youth who voted for the "anti war candidate" in 2008. It's easy to imagine the negative impact on turnout in 2012.

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