Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why we never resolve the big issues

"Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight . . . While conservatives say they know they have little chance of defeating Mr. Obama's choice because Democrats control the Senate, they say they hope to mount a fight that could help refill depleted coffers and galvanize a movement demoralized by Republican electoral defeats. "It's an immense opportunity to build the conservative movement and identify the troops out there," said Richard A. Viguerie, a conservative fund-raiser. "It's a massive teaching moment for America. We've got the packages written. We're waiting right now to put a name in." Gary Marx, executive director of the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network, said donors, whom he declined to identify, had committed to contributing millions of dollars for television, radio and Internet advertisements that might reunite conservatives in a confirmation battle."

Got that?

"[T]hey hope to mount a fight that could help refill depleted coffers".

It's not about philosophical differences on sexual or economic or political issues.

It's about raising money.

If we ever repealed Roe v. Wade, and passed a constitutional amendment banning abortion (or if the pro lifers ever said, "Okay during the first trimester or for rape or abortion or incest"), these folks would be out of work.

We have thousands and thousands of people in Washington working full time fighting to right real and imagined wrongs. They don't want resolution or closure. They want a continuing cause celebre to feature in their latest fundraising letters.

Don't ever expect the Richard Vigueries to be satisfied on issues of abortion (or the Al Sharptons to be satisfied on issues of race - - it works both ways). If these issue were resolved, they would have to get real jobs and earn honest livings.

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