Thursday, May 7, 2009

I guess we're not so bad

Remember the Summit of the Americas, where it seemed like all the participants (including our president) attacked the US for its history of meddling, imperialistic, exploitative behavior?

And then the swine flu hit Mexico . . .

"Angry Mexican officials have issued unusually harsh protests against the decisions by Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru to suspend direct flights from Mexico despite World Health Organization warnings that such measures are unwarranted. How can one explain that Latin American countries with relatively little traffic with Mexico have suspended direct flights from Mexico, when the United States -- which shares a 2,000-mile-long border with Mexico that is crossed by the bulk of the more than 20 million people visiting Mexico annually -- has not done so? Mexican officials ask. "

"Haitian officials rejected a Mexican aid ship carrying 77 tons of much-needed food aid because of ''unfounded'' swine flu fears, Mexico's ambassador said Wednesday."

So much for solidarity against the evil blue eyed yanqui gringos (in the words of the presidents of Brazil, Cuba and Venezuela.)

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