Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not only is the Taliban winning in Pakistan . . .

. . . but our strategy is making them popular.

"Pakistani army's attack on Taliban draws civilian anger . . . Residents in northwest Pakistan say the military's assault on the Taliban is indiscriminate and it's destroying their lives. . . . The Pakistani army's assault against Islamic militants in Buner, in northwest Pakistan, is flattening villages, killing civilians and sending thousands of farmers and villagers fleeing from their homes, residents escaping the fighting said Monday. . . ''We didn't see any Taliban; they are up in the mountains, yet the army flattens our villages,'' Zaroon Mohammad, 45, told McClatchy as he walked with about a dozen scrawny cattle and the male members of his family in the relative safety of this village in southern Buner. ``Our house has been badly damaged. These cows are now our total possessions.'' His and other residents' accounts of the fighting contradict those provided by the Pakistani military and suggest that the government of President Asif Zardari is rapidly losing the support of those it set out to protect, as it has in previous operations against militants along Pakistan's rugged border with Afghanistan. . . . ''I don't think they've killed even one Taliban. Only ordinary people,'' he said."

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