Thursday, May 7, 2009

Budget cuts?

"Obama first submitted a $3.55 trillion fiscal 2010 budget outline in February, offering his general priorities and overall spending and tax plans. Congress last week adopted his plan with some spending cuts of its own, but with few major changes. Its $3.4 trillion budget would reduce this year's anticipated $1.7 trillion deficit to $620 billion by fiscal 2012 . . ." "President Barack Obama plans to unveil Thursday a fiscal 2010 budget full of details on his plans to save as much as $17 billion by cutting -- and in some cases ending -- 121 government programs." "About half of the $17 billion in savings in Obama's plan would come from cutting or ending nondefense programs and the rest would come from defense."

Is there a dictionary anywhere in which trillion dollar spending increases are defined as "savings" or "budget cuts"?

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