Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another foreign leader we apologized to

"With some newspapers and broadcast outlets relentlessly exposing the government's shortcomings, President Evo Morales and his supporters say the privately-owned media have sided with his opponents. The government has filed criminal charges against a major La Paz newspaper over corruption-related headlines, created a new state-controlled television network and newspaper and some allege is intimidating those who print or broadcast news the government deems unpleasant. . . . In recent weeks, Morales, the editor, his family and other La Prensa reporters have received telephoned death threats telling them to stop publishing such stories. While there is no evidence that those calls came from government officials, Morales believes they are inspired by the government's anti-media message and are carried out by followers of the president to intimidate and silence the press. . . . At the Inter-American Press Association annual meeting in Paraguay in February, the Bolivian National Press Association reported 46 cases of physical attacks, harassment and verbal assaults on its members and warned that the free press was under assault in Bolivia."

Again, we shouldn't want better relations with authoritarian strongmen. We don't have to meddle, but we don't have to give our approval.

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