Friday, May 15, 2009

Wasn't the idea to save jobs?

Ten, fifteen, twenty billion dollars in aid to Chrysler to save jobs . . .

"Tamiami Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Miami is one of the largest volume dealers in the Southeast and one of the biggest Hispanic-owned Chrysler dealers in the nation, its owners claim.

Yet those distinctions weren't enough to keep the store at 8250 SW Eighth St. from being listed among the 789 dealerships that Chrysler plans to shed by June 9. The carmaker on Thursday asked a New York bankruptcy court for approval to trim about a quarter of its 3,200 stores."

We were told that it wasn't only jobs with Chrysler at stake, but upstream and downstream jobs as well (with suppliers and distributors and in the sales network). How are we saving the employees in sales when we fire 25% of them?

We're not getting value for our money.

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