Friday, May 15, 2009

Nancy Pelosi vs. The CIA

Forget the he said / she said dispute over who was told what when.

Look at this statement by Pelosi:

"And now they're trying to say, 'Don't put the spotlight on us; we told the Congress.' Well, they didn't tell us everything that they were doing. And the fact is that anything we would say doesn't matter anyway."

Did the Speaker of the House - - the highest ranking memberof Congress - - really say "the fact is that anything we would say doesn't matter anyway"?

The fact is that Congress could have stopped or modified any CIA practice by passing a law against it. They have in the past (regarding assassinations). They will in the future. That's the purpose of the Congressional oversight committees. That's the duty and power of Congress.

By her own admission, Pelosi knew at least some of what was going on. Pelosi never introduced legislation to stop it. Then, Pelosi acted shocked and appalled when the practices became public knowledge. End of story.

It's not only Republicans who should be upset. Democrats should expect better from their leadership.

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