Friday, May 29, 2009

Prisoner abuse pictures

First, Obama reversed his campaign promises regarding the release of the prisoner abuse pictures.

Next, the Obama administration went to court to stop the release of the prisoner abuse pictures.

Now, we find out (from foreign newspapers quoting a U.S. general) that the pictures include "graphic images of U.S. soldiers raping and torturing Iraqi prisoners".

Why is it only British papers that care if Obama keeps his word and obeys the law?

Rape is a crime that must be prosecuted, even if Obama now wants to adopt the Bush / Cheney defense.

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Kathyb said...

The pictures were evidence in trials. The military used them to prosecute those who were charged. Every war has crimes against civilians and lawyers and MP's and everything that the civilians have. People don't all of a sudden become angels in the military although I think the crime rate is less than in civilian life.