Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our friend Cuba

The U.S. has improved relations with Cuba, and eased restrictions without asking for concessions.

On the other hand:

"The European Union said it made no headway Monday in nudging Cuba to improve its human rights record, a pivotal issue in an EU debate about whether to lift diplomatic sanctions against the Caribbean island. . . . The EU imposed diplomatic sanctions, including a ban on political and other consultations, against Cuba in 2003 after the arrests of dozens of dissidents. While the sanctions were suspended in 2005, they have not been lifted and relations have remained touchy. . . . The EU has been reviewing the relationship and set tough conditions for Havana to have better relations. These include the release of all political prisoners, unhindered access for Cubans to the Internet, and the right of EU delegations arriving in Cuba to be able to meet with opposition figures. Its review coincides with signals that Washington may be ready for a new start with Cuba."


Under Obama, Europe is getting tougher on Cuba than the US.


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