Monday, January 26, 2009

Stimulus plan corruption

"President Barack Obama's ban on earmarks in the $825 billion economic stimulus bill doesn't mean interest groups, lobbyists and lawmakers won't be able to funnel money to pet projects.

They're just working around it -- and perhaps inadvertently making the process more secretive.
The projects run the gamut: a Metrolink station that needs building in Placentia, Calif.; a stretch of beach in Sandy Hook, N.J., that could use more sand. A water park in Miami's Grapeland Park.

There are thousands of projects like those that once would have been given money upfront but now are left to scramble for dollars at the back end of the process as ''ready to go'' projects eligible for the stimulus plan."

When the plan doesn't work as promised, and people actually start examining the plan's components, they will be shocked by the corruption and insider dealing.

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