Thursday, January 22, 2009

CKS vs. RFK, Jr. = No winner

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., long active in New York State politics and environmental causes, backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries (as did the rest of his siblings). There was the suspicion of a deal - - he'd get his late father's old Senate seat if Hillary won and left the Senate. As we all know, Hillary lost, but she's leaving the Senate anyway, for the State department.

At the last minute, Caroline (who, along with the Ted Kennedy faction, backed Obama) decided pay back was in order. (But good, progressive pay back, not the dirty Illinois kind of pay back requested by Gov. Blago.)

Next thing you know, RFK, Jr. is elbowed aside, and Caroline is briefly the "sentimental favorite" for the seat of RFK, Jr's father. Until she, uhm, ahh, like, you know, opens her mouth.

The Governor of NY watches Caroline on the road, and realizes (1) she can't campaign (2) she lacks the common touch (with her Long Island lockjaw speech and Jackie-O / Chanel-esque wardrobe) (3) she couldn't hold the seat (4) she's losing support even among Democrats and (5) he doesn't want to run on a ticket with her in two years (at which time he'd own her and all her uhms, ahhs, likes and you knows).

So, now the seat goes to someone who's last name isn't Kennedy. And, the reputation of the Kennedys is further diminished.

Well played, kids.

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