Thursday, January 1, 2009

Does Gov. Paterson read my blog?

Of course not.

But, he may be following my advice, and appointing a caretaker to Hillary's senate seat.

Someone should have told Caroline that it wasn't smart for her supporters to go on TV and say "he has no choice but to appoint her".

Governor (if you read this), do you want more advice? There's a huge talent pool in New York of over 65 retired and semi retired political, academic and media figures. Civil rights activists. Women's rights activists. Peace activists. Faculty from NYU, Cornell and Columbia. Appointing any one of dozens of them to be caretaker would earn you applause from Democratic primary voters. Pick a Walter Cronkite or Jimmy Breslin-type from outside politics (Tom Brokaw? Harry Belafonte? Gloria Steinem?), not a retread. Certainly not the current senator's spouse, or the guy who's father of one potential candidate and the leading candidate's cousin's ex husband, i.e., not a Clinton or Cuomo).

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