Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trouble ahead in Egypt

A top ruling party official has given the strongest indication to date that Egypt's 82-year-old President Hosni Mubarak will seek another six-year term of office in elections next year despite recent health troubles and speculation he's grooming his son for power.

Mubarak, who with nearly 30 years in office is already Egypt's longest serving ruler in nearly two centuries, would be almost 90 if he serves another full term. His health has been the subject of intense speculation after he had surgery this year to remove his gall bladder and a benign growth in the lining of his small intestine.

Mubarak, a former air force pilot and a close U.S. ally, has since sought to dispel speculation, with a busy work schedule, including foreign travel, strenuous field visits and meetings with visiting dignitaries — all covered extensively by state media. He has looked relatively fit, despite significant weight loss after his operation in Germany seven months ago.

Our alliance with Egypt, the most populous Arab nation, is dependent upon a man in poor health, in his 80's, with no clear successor, who is trying to hand over power to his son.

Within the decade, there will be trouble for U.S. interests in Egypt.

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