Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mexico sued Arizona over its state immigration law . . .

but failed to protect its own indigenous women from rape by Mexican soldiers.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemned Mexico on Monday for failing to protect the rights of two indigenous women who were raped by soldiers in 2002.

In two separate rulings, the Costa Rica-based court said Mexico failed to guarantee the rights to personal integrity, dignity and legal protection of Valentina Rosendo and Ines Fernandez, both of southern Guerrero state.

Mexico must publicly acknowledge its responsibility and called for a civilian investigation into the crimes, rather than the military one, which resulted in no charges, according to the ruling. The government also must compensate both women and publish the court rulings in Spanish and the women's indigenous language, Me'phaa.

Mexico does nothing to protect indigenous women from rape by its soldiers, but sues Arizona in American courts for "violating human rights" by asking illegal aliens for their i.d.

You would think we would have some self respecting leaders capable of answering this hypocrisy. Unfortunately, we don't.

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