Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mainstream media: The Ground Zero mosque will be awesome!

Conceptual sketches of the Islamic center planned two blocks from ground zero envision a futuristic-looking building wrapped in a honeycomb of abstract shapes, with a core containing far more space for secular pursuits than religious worship.

The renderings, some of which were posted on the project's website this week, are preliminary, but they project the development team's desire to build something cosmopolitan and fun on a site now known only for controversy.

. . . The largest part of the building - four of 16 floors - would be taken up by a sports, fitness and swimming center. Another full floor would be occupied by a child care center and playground.

We're told that "on paper, NY Islamic center looks modern, secular".

Nonetheless, the sports, fitness and swimming center will be sexually segregated, as required by the Muslim religion.

Obviously, everyone has the right to practice their religion. If your religion mandates sexual inequality, it is your right as an American to follow your beliefs in the practice of your religion. (See Orthodox Jews, Traditionalist Catholics, L.D.S. aka Mormons, etc.)

But, it's wrong for the mainstream media to try to pass off a sexually segregated "sports, fitness and swimming center" as "cosmopolitan", "fun", "modern" or "secular" to people who don't know the rules demanding inequality of the sexes.

For some reason, the media wants to spin this as if the guys and gals from Wall Street will all be able to pop in during lunch or after work and go to spinning class together. They won't. And, don't think about jumping in the pool at the same time.

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