Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Immigrant advocates teaching English to illegals?

As the prospect of Congress passing an overhaul of immigration law wanes, immigration advocacy groups are shifting their sights from the U.S. Capitol and focusing on their local communities.

They are forming neighborhood committees to help legal and illegal immigrants navigate deportation proceedings and learn English.,-monitor-police-raids-l:1279847376.html?method=rss

For decades, opposition to immigration has been growing due to the perceived refusal of immigrants to learn and speak English.

Obviously, if "immigration advocates" had been teaching English to immigrants all along, there wouldn't be so much hostility to immigration today.

But, now that the perceived refusal to assimilate has turned public opinion against continued immigration, "immigrant advocates" are teaching English to immigrants to assist them in their fight against deportation.

Ironically, after years of insisting that it should not be necessary to learn and speak English, "immigration advocates" now implicitly concede that English language proficiency is required to successfully function in our society.

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