Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fair and balanced newspapers?

The total content of the front page of the "objective" "Issues & Ideas" section of last Sunday's Miami Herald:

"Scott is either incompetent or a lying crook", about the Republican candidate for Florida governor.

"Voters deserve better than Christine O’Donnell, the Delaware dolt", about various Republican candidates ("like-minded cranks").

"Election polls might be skewed by skipping callers with cell phones", about the "pro-Republican bias" in polls showing Republicans doing well.

And, a point / counterpoint of opinion pieces regarding the class size limits amendment, from former governor Jeb Bush and local teachers' union president Karen Aronowitz.

The blatant bias is overwhelming. Yet, these people in the mainstream media make fun of Fox News for its lack of objectivity. In fact, Fox News is simply their mirror image.

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