Monday, October 11, 2010

Does Rep. Murphy not see what he did wrong?

PATRICK MURPHY, a Democrat who represents Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District . . . was the first Iraq veteran elected to Congress — and one of the first elected officials in Pennsylvania to throw his support to Barack Obama. . . . [the district's] voters overwhelmingly preferred Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary . . . a late September poll . . . had [Murphy] trailing [his challenger] Mr. Fitzpatrick by 14 points among likely voters . . .

If you are elected to represent your district, and you go against the "overwhelming" choice of your district, don't be surprised if you turn off enough of your district to fall behind in the next election.

There's a real pattern developing - - many 2008 "super delegates" (elected officials automatically entitled to vote at the 2008 Democratic convention) who opposed the will of their area voters as expressed in the 2008 Democratic state primary are facing loss due to an "enthusiasm gap".

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