Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mrs. Thomas needs to stop drinking

Anita Hill is refusing to apologize for accusing then-Supreme Court justice nominee Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her, in an issue that Thomas' wife has reopened 19 years after his confirmation hearings.

. . . Thomas' wife, Virginia, had left a voicemail message on Hill's phone on Oct. 9 asking her to say she was sorry for the allegations that surfaced at Thomas' confirmation hearings for a seat on the high court bench in 1991.

In her statement, Hill said, "I certainly thought the call was inappropriate." She had worked for Clarence Thomas in two federal government jobs before he was selected for the court by President George H.W. Bush for the Supreme Court.


During all the discussion of this matter, no one said it.

But, if Mrs. Thomas is making this kind of early morning phone call, and leaving this kind of voicemail message, she needs to call Betty Ford, not Anita Hill.

There's no shame in that unless you refuse treatment.

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