Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Democratic Party identification is sort of in the toilet"

Republicans appear headed for a clean sweep of all seats on the Florida Cabinet, according to a new statewide poll of likely voters. . . . said Chris Jackson, a pollster with Ipsos Public Affairs, which conducted the survey. "The other people are essentially trading party identification, and the Democratic Party identification is sort of in the toilet."

Regardless of the office in question, "These numbers are falling out along party lines and are less related to the candidates." Translation: All things being equal, Floridians won't vote for the Democrat.

"The attorney general campaign is the closest Cabinet race, with Republican Pam Bondi grabbing 44 percent of voters compared with Democrat Dan Gelber's 36 percent", notwithstanding the fact that "Gelber has held a slight financial edge" throughout the campaign. Left unmentioned is Gelber's role as a leader of the unnecessarily nasty 2008 Obama primary campaign in Florida, which alienated the overwhelmingly pro Clinton Florida party rank and file.

Florida was purple in 2006, and blue in 2008, but, after 2 years of Obama, it's back to deep solid red.

Ironically, the backroom political insiders (Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, etc.) lined up behind Obama in 2008 because they believed the Clintons were "divisive", but Obama could solidify Democratic party gains. In fact, the opposite was true.

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