Friday, January 8, 2010

Why is this profiling permitted?

The 6-1, 6-0 victory over Magdalena Rybarikova on Wednesday was the easy part for Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer. The tougher task was drowning out the noise from anti-Israel protesters, who showed up at the Auckland, New Zealand, tournament and derided Peer the entire match.

"Go home, Shahar!" they screamed, and "You have blood on your hands!"

The demonstrators are part of a group called Global Peace and Justice, and they oppose Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

The match was suspended for 15 minutes after the first set while tournament officials debated whether to continue. Peer insisted on finishing the match. One man was arrested. The group vowed to return for Thursday's quarterfinal match between Peer and Maria Kirilenko. They heckled Peer at the same tournament last year, and during her first-round match this week. A heavy police presence is expected Thursday.

. . . Peer made headlines in February 2009 when she was denied a visa by United Arab Emirates to play a tournament in Dubai.

Israeli athletes are heckled and harassed and forbidden entry to nations to compete in internationally sanctioned tournaments.

But, screening young men from nations with a history of sending young men off to join terrorist armies is impermissible discrimination based upon national origin and religion.


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