Monday, January 18, 2010

Desperation and hypocrisy

The ultra liberal left is against all sexual judgmental-ism.

Until they're judging conservatives.

Remember the summer of 2008? The Obama fans were all acting like Dan Quayle, criticising the choices of a single mother and a mother with young children working outside the home. Of course, those mothers were both named Palin.

Now, they're shocked by allegations that someone was born out of wedlock. And, they're trying to accuse the Republican candidate in Massachusetts of "smearing" Obama's mother by implying Obama was born out of wedlock.

But, if there's nothing wrong with having a child out of wedlock (as we've been told for the last 20 years), why is saying someone had a child out of wedlock a "smear"?

It's all desperation and hypocrisy.

(For the record - - Obama's father was a traditional Kenyan Muslim polygamist. That's why the paternal Obama siblings-in-trouble we keep hearing about are half siblings he has nothing to do with. Obama's father was married at least once before marrying Obama's mother, and several times thereafter. Obama's father was legally married in Kenya and never divorced before he married Obama's mother. Thus, the marriage between Obama's mother and father was invalid. Therefore, Obama was born out of wedlock. That's simply the truth, however inconvenient. And, stating that truth is not a "smear", unless the left now believes it's bad to be "illegitimate".)

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