Sunday, January 31, 2010

When they release the news on a Friday afternoon . . .

. . . it's either bad or embarrassing.

The Obama administration's immigration policy is among the issues that visitors went to the White House complex to discuss in recent months, records disclosed Friday show.

The White House is releasing visitor records periodically to help meet President Obama's promise of transparency. Most of the roughly 75,000 newly disclosed records cover October. The majority of visitors on the list were there for White House tours.

Remember the "no lobbyists and no secret meetings" pledge?

Health care industry executives, repeat visitors to the White House last year as the Obama administration began work on a national health care plan, also show up in the new visitor records.

Among those visiting White House health care overhaul chief Nancy-Ann DeParle in October were John Castellani, president of the Business Roundtable; Richard Deem, the American Medical Association's top lobbyist; Alissa Fox, lobbyist for the Blue Cross-Blue Shield Association; Karen Ignagni, head of America's Health Insurance Plans, the trade group for the health insurance industry; and Nancy Leamond, a top health care lobbyist for AARP.

I seem to remember a pledge that these kind of meetings would be in the sunshine and / or televised on C-SPAN.

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