Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our unbiased media

From today's Miami Herald, under the headline, "As jobless rate climbs, employers have their pick - Florida's unemployment rate reached 11.8 percent in December, the highest it has been since 1975 -- creating a buyer's market for companies looking to hire""

. . . With statewide unemployment lingering above 11 percent, companies are capitalizing on an employer's market by picking the cream of a constantly growing crop of applicants. . . . employers that can handle the influx of job seekers have an opportunity to pick up top-drawer workers that might not be available in a better economy. "We think it's all upside, it's all positive," said David Kuhns, chief operating officer with Eulen America, a staffing agency that recently added about 80 airport workers in Miami. "We get to pick the best of the litter and really find the right applicant who is looking for this kind of work and willing to stay on for the long term.'' The company has seen a steady increase in applications since it arrived in South Florida in October and announced about 500 new jobs, Kuhns said.

If the president wasn't someone the media shoved down the throats of an uncertain public, do you think they'd be spinning record unemployment as "good news for employers, all upside, all positive"?

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