Monday, January 25, 2010

No Biden dynasty

There will be no Biden dynasty:

Beau Biden announced Monday that he will not seek election to the U.S. Senate seat long held by his father, Vice President Joe Biden, putting another Democratic-held Senate seat in jeopardy and dealing another blow to President Barack Obama's flailing party.

The Delaware attorney general told supporters in an e-mail that he will run for re-election to his state post instead of running against GOP Rep. Mike Castle for the seat the elder Biden held for 36 years. . .

Biden's decision was a surprise, given that his father's confidant and former Senate chief of staff, Ted Kaufman, was appointed to the seat by Delaware's governor essentially to keep it warm for the son until he was able to run.

The Obama and Biden names are turning toxic. Expect to see more and more Democratic candidates refuse to campaign with either of them. So far, only the desperate losers have wanted their help.

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