Monday, January 25, 2010

Nobody likes him any more!

Indonesian officials are considering a petition that calls for a bronze statue in Jakarta of a young Barack Obama to be torn down.

Last month, a bronze statue of Obama was unveiled in Jakarta's Menteng Park. It depicts the U.S. President as a young boy, and commemorates the time he spent in Indonesia as a child.

Now, 55,000 people have joined a Facebook group that calls for the statue to be taken down, citing Obama's failure to "make a significant contribution to the Indonesian nation."

The group also says that "for the dignity of a sovereign nation, Barack Obama's monument in Menteng Park must be removed immediately."

According to parks agency official Dwi Bintarto, Indonesian officials have been "discussing for the past two weeks what to do with the statue... whether to take it down, move it elsewhere or retain it. We're finding the best solution."

How embarrassing.

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