Thursday, January 28, 2010

The last Edwards story (until the next)

Elizabeth Edwards has separated from her husband, former presidential candidate John Edwards, after a tumultuous three years in which the couple's marital troubles became tabloid fodder.

Andrea Purse, a friend of Elizabeth Edwards, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the couple have separated. She released a statement on behalf of the 60-year-old mother of four that said, "Elizabeth is moving on with her life and wants to put this difficult chapter behind her."

"It is an extraordinarily sad moment," John Edwards said in a statement, "but I love my children more than anything and still care deeply about Elizabeth.

. . . Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, publicly declared last week that he was the father of the child with Rielle Hunter, who worked as a videographer before his second presidential campaign in 2008."

I can't help but remember how it was the Edwards campaign operatives and their online activists (directed by Elizabeth Edwards) that were spreading personal dirt (real and imagined) about the Clintons' marriage (Gina Gershon? imminent divorce?) during the primary campaign, while lying about John's extracurricular activities.


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