Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top secret behind closed door talks . . .

Striving to close the deal on health care, President Barack Obama planned a trip to Capitol Hill on Thursday to urge rank-and-file House Democrats to yield on key issues still standing in the way of a historic legislative achievement.

Obama's late afternoon visit comes amid intense White House negotiations with Democratic leaders aimed at settling core differences between the House and Senate that must be resolved before the sweeping overhaul legislation can pass.

Public support for the health care remake continues to drop, perhaps in part because of the messy debate in Congress, and lawmakers are feeling the press of other issues, from unemployment to ballooning budget deficits.

Late Wednesday, Obama and senior Democrats emerged from marathon health care talks with a declaration that they had made tough gains — but no deal just yet. The same group of leaders was to meet again at the White House on Thursday, pressing for the framework of an agreement within days.

They're holding secret talks behind closed doors to decide the fate of the nation's healthcare system, after getting elected on a platform pledging open government, yet they wonder why the public is turning against them.

It's hard to figure out which is more un-democratic - - the secret talks or the intentional disregard of public opinion.

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