Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ralph Nader, crazy man

Ralph Nader didn't have any luck in Washington, D.C., with a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to keep him off the 2004 presidential ballot. So he's taking his case to Washington County, a sparsely populated locale at the nation's easternmost tip.
The lawsuit five years after President George W. Bush beat Democrat John Kerry contends the Kerry campaign and Democratic leaders conspired to keep Nader off the ballot in Maine and more than a dozen other states.

Nader's lawyer, Oliver Hall, said there was a concerted effort by Nader's enemies to use courts as a weapon to sabotage Nader and his running mate, the late Peter Camejo. The lawsuit targets Kerry's presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Maine Democratic Party.

"The Democrats were very clear in the 2004 election that really their purpose was just to bankrupt the Nader-Camejo campaign, drain their resources, tie them up in court and to prevent Ralph Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo from running for office," Hall said from his Washington office.

In the end, Nader and Camejo, running as independents, appeared on the ballot in 34 states and collected only three-tenths of a percent of the nation's popular vote.

Nader, as the "Green Party" candidate, was the spoiler in 2000. He threw the election to Bush, and kept the nation's leading green politician out of the White House.

Then, in 2004, Nader wanted to repeat the performance. But, the Democrats were ready for him, and fought him in court. They did nothing illegal, but resorted to the courts to keep him off the ballot where ever possible.

No Republican has done more to hurt the Democratic Party than Ralph Nader, supposed independent progressive. He must be insane.

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