Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More media spin

David Broder's column today is a tribute to resigning Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut.


Broder lauds Dodd, and ignores the stories of bribes, kickbacks and unethical behavior that doomed any reelection effort.

Broder describes Dodd as "a meat-and-potatoes, blue-collar Democrat", but fails to mention that Chris Dodd, the corrupt millionaire senator, is the son of another corrupt millionaire senator, Thomas Dodd. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_J._Dodd.

Broder fondly recalls how, "like his friend Ted Kennedy, Dodd enjoyed good whiskey and the company of pretty women . . . ", which is a poetic way of saying Dodd was a promiscuous drunk who cheated on his wives. No mention is made of Dodd's cocaine use, parties at Studio 54 or relationship with Bianca Jagger.

If Washington reporters did their jobs and reported the facts, rather than simply repeating the spin of their friends' press agents, maybe their friends would stay out of trouble.

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